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Other Items
Whereas books and magazines may be the major users of Tony Tilford’s pictures, there have been many other picture applications. The picture collection is increasing in popularity amongst the advertising media especially the unusual images created through high-speed photography.

House of Craven, Black Cat Cigarette Cards

Publisher: Carreras Ltd., Basildon, Essex

The House of Craven, were one of the first cigarette companies in the UK to use coupon gift schemes in 1904 and probably the last to produce cigarette cards in 1976. This set was almost certainly the last as it was withdrawn soon after issue through pressure from anti-smoking lobbyists. Consisting of 50 cards, it was accompanied by a full-colour collector’s book. Text and many of the pictures for the set were by Tony Tilford.Because of its rarity it is probably very valuable as a collector’s item.

Advertising Media

Tony Tilford’s pictures are used very widely in advertising. His high speed photography has featured very widely from pictures of simple drips and splashes to major projects such as a national billboard ad for Schweppes soft drinks. Animal and bird pictures are used frequently for package and label design for pet and petfood products as well as webpage content.
Postcards and Greetings Cards

Numerous Greetings Cards and Postcards have been published with great success using pictures of birds and animals photographed by Tony Tilford.
Robin Christmas Card Robin Flight Greetings Card Kingfisher Greetings Card Tawny Owl Postcard Kestrel Postcard Kingfisher Postcard Harvest Mouse Postcard
Hedgehog Postcard Wildcat Postcard Woodmouse Postcard Fallow Deer Postcard
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