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publications of tony tilford
The huge library of pictures held by Tony Tilford is drawn on frequently not only for titles compiled solely by himself but also by publishers worldwide.
The Cage & Aviary Bird Handbook

Publisher: New Holland Publishers (UK) Ltd
ISBN No: 1 85974 189 4 (Hard Cover) 1 85974 237 8 (Soft Cover)
First Published: 2000

The Cage & Aviary Bird Handbook is essential as well as fascinating reading matter for the responsible bird-keeper. It is ideal for those who wish to get to know and care for their birds better. It has a detailed and beautifully photographed compendium of species, is packed throughout with vital, practical tips for management and breeding. It encourages the breeding of wild species in captivity and as such helps to reduce pressure on wild bird populations.
A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Java, Sumatra & Bali

Publisher: New Holland Publishers UK
ISBN No: 0-88359-049-2
First Published: 2001

This small Photographic Guide to the Birds of Java, Sumatra and Bali is very compact with an easy-to-use format and just right as a travelling companion. Covering 236 species in full-colour photographs each is accompanied by an authoritative text describing key features. Distinctive thumbnail colour tabs outlining each family group enable quick identification.
Birds of Britain & Europe

Publisher: Blandford Press, Dorset, UK
ISBN No: 0 7137 2067 0
First Published:1989.

This small book is an ideal reference book and field guide for the amateur ornithologist and a suitable introduction for the novice to some of the British and European birds. Covering 100 species of bird found generally throughout the region, each species is well described in plumage, size and behaviour as well as being accompanied by a distribution map. The text has been written by Tony Tilford.
Aviary Birds in Colour

Publisher: Blandford Press, Poole, UK
ISBN No: 07137 0707 0
First Published: 1974

Aviary Birds in Colour is exceptional among bird books for the magnificent quality of colour photographs. They are the fruit of high technical skill and long hours of painstaking work by Tony Tilford and the late Dennis Avon. The text by Frank Woolham, a highly experienced birdkeeper and an aviculturist for nearly forty years, splendidly complements the colour photographs. Primarily covering exotic birds, it gives a description of each species along with general management, feeding and breeding guidance.At the time when conservation should be the concern of all, this book emphasises the contribution that aviculture can make in ensuring that the wild bird species can be maintained in captivity and survive as species despite the many threats to their existence in the wild.
Coloured Canaries

Publisher: Blandford Press, Poole, UK
ISBN No: 07137 0804 2
First Published: 1976

The first and complete guide for breeders and fanciers of ‘Coloured Canaries’, one of the most exciting and rapidly developing areas of aviculture. Besides general management and breeding techniques, essential information on basic genetics, as well as descriptions and inheritance tables of the mutations of Coloured Canaries are given. The detail and authoritative text is by Geoff Walker, himself a champion exhibitor, international judge and successful breeder of Coloured Canaries.
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