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Pond, River & Shorelife
This section of the photographic collection was started in response to a demand for pictures for an encyclopaedia of wildlife and a series of small booklets on fish and pondlife. It includes a wide variety of animals from invertebrates to fish, reptiles, amphibians as well as waterside mammals.
Water Boatman
Notonecta glauca
Freshwater Shrimp
Gammarus pulex
Glutinous Snail
Myxas glutinosa
Extinct Pool Frog
Rana lessonae
Water Shrew
Neomys fodiens
This gallery of images is only a very small proportion of those held in the Tony Tilford library and is provided for your entertainment and reference. It contains only low resolution images to discourage illicit copying. All images are copyright ©Tony Tilford but should you wish to use any of these pictures for your own use whether for private or commercial purposes, please contact us. For many purposes such as conservation or education high resolution images can be provided at a minimal charge and often free. Even for commercial use, reproduction rates are highly competitive.
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