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Moths and Insects in Flight
Tony Tilford not only designed and built the high-speed photographic flash used for these pictures; he also produced the completely automatic detection and triggering system allowing unaccompanied photography of this fascinating subject. Developed over the course of a year, many problems were encountered especially the congregation of moths that had been attracted to the set-up overnight. Predation of this food source by birds became a conservation issue when numerous birds invaded the area each morning, sometimes disturbing the camera set-up. The problem was solved by timing the system to switch off well before dawn.
Elephant Hawk Moth
Deilephila elpenor
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Moth
Noctua fimbriata
Blood Vein Moth
Timandra griseata
Burnished Brass Moth
Diachrisia chrisitis
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Moth
Noctua janthina
Yellow-tailed Moth
Euproctis similis
This gallery of images is only a very small proportion of those held in the Tony Tilford library and is provided for your entertainment and reference. It contains only low resolution images to discourage illicit copying. All images are copyright ©Tony Tilford but should you wish to use any of these pictures for your own use whether for private or commercial purposes, please contact us. For many purposes such as conservation or education high resolution images can be provided at a minimal charge and often free. Even for commercial use, reproduction rates are highly competitive.
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