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Cage & Aviary Mutations
Cage and aviary mutations occasionally occur by chance and usually provide the owner with the opportunity for financial gain. This type of mutation is rarely successful in the wild but in captivity it can be well-cared for and may be bred back to its parents to establish a new cagebird variety. There are now numerous mutations existing amongst a wide variety of species and whereas they may prove an interesting challenge to their keepers they may be setting up a dangerous genetic weakness for future generations. This is a particular problem in the case of any species that may be becoming threatened or endangered such as the Java Sparrow (Padda orizovora) in the wild. Java Sparrows of the normal wild form are now rare in both the wild and captivity but in captivity they can be found in many different colours of plumage. Urgent action is necessary amongst responsible birdkeepers to maintain separate purely-wild types of all species they care for to ensure that there is always a good bloodline available for future conservation breeding programmes.
Bengalese Finch
Lonchura domestica
Bengalese Finch Self Chestnut Mutation
Lonchura domestica
Zebra Finch
Taeniopygia guttata
Bullfinch - Cinnamon Pastel mutation
Pyrrhula pyrrhula
Blackbird - Cinnamon female mutation
Turdus merula
Bourkes Parrot Rosa mutation
Neophema bourkii
Lineolated Parakeet - Lutino mutation
Bolborhynchus lineola
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