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Hybrid Birds
Hybrid birds are very rare in the wild but occasionally occur in captivity. This is especially so where a mixed collection of birds is housed in a single aviary without the competition of same-species partners. In continental Europe breeding of hybrid birds is gaining in popularity particularly with Canary x Finch crosses. Amongst the most popular birds in this category are the Coloured Canaries.
Hybrid Canary x Alario Finch
Serinus canaria x Serinus alario
Hybrid Canary x Scarlet Rosefinch
Carpodacus erythrinus
Hybrid Canary x Greenfinch
Serinus canaria x Carduelis chloris
Hybrid Canary x Greenfinch
Serinus canaria x Carduelis chloris
Hybrid Canary x Goldfinch
Serinus canaria x Carduelis carduelis
Hybrid Canary x Bullfinch
Serinus canaria x Pyrrhula pyrrhula
Hybrid Canary x Black-headed Red Siskin
Serinus canaria x Carduelis cucullata
Hybrid Crossbill x Bullfinch
Loxia curvirostra x Pyrrhula pyrrhula
Hybrid Crossbill x Redpoll
Loxia curvirostra x Carduelis flammea flammea
Hybrid Crossbill x Goldfinch
Loxia curvirostra x Carduelis carduelis
Hybrid Crossbill x Trumpeter Finch
Loxia curvirostra x Rhodopechys mongolica
Hybrid Crossbill x Chinese Greenfinch
Loxia curvirostra x Carduelis sineca
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