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Intermedia Pressindo

I would like to acknowledge all of those who have contributed to building this website, especially Intermedia Pressindo of Bali Indonesia for their design and commitment to providing such high value. Despite being on the other side of the world to me in the UK, I have been able to work with them over the Internet without any problems to realise an excellent website that would have been many times more expensive elsewhere. I cannot fault them for their work or service and highly recommend them to anyone seeking a special website at a reasonable price.

Alongside website design, they operate an excellent adverting and print design studio and are very capable of good advertising and other media interpretation. Personal and corporate identity/logo design is another speciality that is rapidly gaining them a good reputation as their customer base rapidly expands in the region.

On a more simple level, they provide an excellent business card design and printing service that I have used personally. Despite the additional cost of courier delivery service to anywhere in the world, their prices, speedy service and delivery are highly competitive.

Contact Intermedia Pressindo at

C.V. Intermedia Pressindo
Jl. Kembang Kertas No. 1B
Gatot Subroto Timur, Denpasar 80233
Phone: +62 361 247272 247273
Fax: +62 361 262147
Sales e-mail: sales@intermediapressindo.com
Webmaster: webmaster@intermediapressindo.com

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